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Are you looking to transform a space?

Whether it is a bathroom renovation or an outdoor pergola, let’s discover how your space can transform into your dreams.

MSDS Carpentry.

Geelong Carpenters

MSDS Carpentry, located in Geelong, is a local family-operated residential construction company. We pride ourselves on transforming spaces by delivering quality home renovations, home extensions and custom new home builds.

Home is where the heart is…so what happens when you love your home, but it just isn’t working for you?

Your lifestyle might have changed, you might have bought a fixer upper, or you just want to enjoy some finer creature comforts. With leading Geelong carpenters, MSDS Carpentry you can breathe easy.

We understand updating and creating spaces in your home is important. We work with you to understand your vision, provide inspiration and most importantly a trained eye for what would work best.

You can be confident and comfortable that you will be proud of your space after MSDS transforms it. We specialise in:

  • Bathroom renovations

  • Kitchen renovations

  • Custom new home builds

  • Full house renovations

  • Home extensions

  • Bedroom renovations and extensions

  • Decks & Pergolas

  • Alterations & Additions

  • Outdoor Entertaining Areas

  • Remedial Building works

  • Gazebos

Embrace those dreams of what it could be and start making the most out of your home today!


Are you looking to breathe life back into your kitchen, optimise your living room, or add some luxury to your bathroom?


Are you in the market to build a new home in Geelong that is both functional and beautiful? We source the best materials at the lowest cost without compromising on quality.

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