Bathroom Renovations On A Budget

Renovating a bathroom can seem like a simple and affordable process – after all, it’s usually one of the smaller rooms in the home, right?

We’ve seen firsthand many bathroom renovation budget blowouts – usually all-to-eager homeowners undertaking a bathroom renovation on a specific budget, only for it to end up costing far more than first planned.

To avoid this, it’s best to have realistic expectations from the beginning. This helps avoid disappointment and keeps your budget in line and on track. Seeking advice from bathroom renovation specialists like a qualified carpenter can help answer any questions and also assist in mapping out your bathroom goals based on your needs, design tastes, and of course, your budget. They are also a reliable source of information who can give you honest and realistic feedback on your plans.

Here’s a few budget bathroom tips to ensure an impactful makeover that won’t ruin your savings.

Restore before you rip-out.

New bathroom tiles can be expensive. If you are looking for a fast, affordable way to reinvigorate a bathroom, you may consider getting your tiles painted instead of replacing them with new, expensive tiles. Tile paint comes in a range of colour options and can totally transform a space.

Maybe the floor tiles can’t be saved? But maybe your wall tiles are in good shape? Perhaps you can paint them a near identical colour to the expensive tiles you’d already picked out at the store. This also saves you money on labour costs, as getting tiles installed will cost far more than painting over the existing tiles – or you could even DIY?

Alternatively, if you are happy with the old tiles, a quick re-grout can have them looking good as new.

Your vanity may also be revived with a splash of paint or varnish. If it’s too far gone or doesn’t match your style, there are many affordable options that are easily and quickly installed.

Fittings to fit your budget and style.

While fittings may be the smallest element in a bathroom, they often have a huge impact in setting the entire design. Matching your new fittings to the colour scheme and other features of the room is essential to a complete look.

Having a consistent look, even with lower end, affordable fittings, is a far more important than having expensive fittings that don’t match the rest of the renovation. Aesthetic appeal proves more valuable than the material or brand when it comes to sell your home.

DIY to a degree.

The great thing about bathroom renovations is that the average homeowner can complete some of the tasks. Planning, research, painting, assembly, and some installation tasks may be achievable depending on your capabilities. However, don’t push your DIY skills to the limit. Thinking you can do something without a sound understanding of bathrooms is ill-advised. We are dealing with wet areas, which means plumbing and waterproofing. Don’t make the costly mistake of jumping ahead without expert advice, as it will likely cost you more in the long run to amend your mistakes.

Engage the experts.

MSDS Carpentry works with property owners from Geelong and surrounding areas at various stages of renovations, extensions, and home builds. To produce your dream bathroom within your budget, we focus on building customer relationships that deliver a positive outcome and a seamless, stress-free construction period.

Got an idea for a new or improved bathroom? Get in touch with us today.

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