Pergola – The Place To Be This Summer

Pergola’s have long been ingrained in Australian culture. The Aussie homeowner dream often includes a big backyard and inviting outdoor entertainment area to entertain guests at summer BBQ’s and gatherings, but also a place to relax and unwind long into the evening.

A pergola isn’t just an effective way to maximise the use of your block, it can generate a unique ambiance and atmosphere unlike other features of a home. A well-designed and constructed pergola becomes a value-adding architectural extension of your property that can be functionable year-round.

Some major factors that make a pergola a true home feature are:


There are copious design options now available – we specialise in customised pergolas to suit your space and price point for the best result. Whether it’s a simple, traditional open-roof design or an innovative floating roof from a wall/existing structure, MSDS Carpentry can work with you to deliver a memorable outdoor space. Pergola design hinges largely on budget and what you plan to use it for, e.g. as purely a summer hangout or a year-round entertainment spot.


This stems from design, but is equally important. To put it simply, be mindful of the space you have to work with. Building the biggest pergola doesn’t make it the best pergola – especially if it negatively impedes on the backyard area beyond the structure. We’ve constructed a multitude of smaller, simpler pergolas that have increased the intimate, cosy atmosphere, without blowing your budget.


Traditionally, pergolas were a four-post structure with beams and no coverings or enclosed elements. Nowadays, homeowners are more experimental in the design process, and their needs have changed. We now have the option to incorporate shade cloths made of canvas, clear plastic, and also walls/roofing with translucent polycarbonate, Colorbond, battens and more. These added features can extend the use from just beautiful sunny days, to all types of weather. We’re even seeing ‘living’ pergolas in the form of vines or climbers to create a more natural setting.


Establishing the perfect atmosphere / mood of your pergola space is as easy as nailing the lighting arrangement. Romantic space for two? Relaxing group feel? A single space can become multi-functional with the addition of a dimming switch feature. Contemporary light fixtures can be safely implemented in outdoor settings to be seen or hidden from view. Just remember, less is more. Outdoor entertaining lights should never be overly bright as to break the relaxing mood!

Quality Craftmanship

Any construction work to your home requires a great deal of thought, planning, and effort, let alone the financial expense. A pergola is no exception. You want the end result to match and even exceed the original plan, so don’t skimp on quality to save a few dollars initially.

MSDS Carpentry has built a strong, local reputation as expert pergola carpenters, helping you through the process, start-to-finish.

Touch base with us here to kick off your outdoor entertaining area plan.

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