Creating Your Sustainable (and affordable) Dream Home

As much as design trends and price weigh upon the end decision for homeowners when choosing a builder or carpenter, there is another factor being considered – sustainability.

In most areas of life, humans are working to become more environmentally friendly. The contemporary home has become a ‘green zone’, with emphasis on solar energy, recycling, plumbing and water systems – the list goes on. However, it’s not only environmentally friendly features that are being added. Homes are now being entirely constructed sustainably, utilising materials that reduce environmental impact.

It isn’t a new concept, with amazing homes being built sustainably in the past, but they were rare, and very expensive, which is why you usually saw them only on television.

Only recently has eco-friendly construction become a highly accessible and affordable solution for Australian property owners.

Whether it’s a new build, extension or renovation, there is now huge demand for enviro-conscious carpentry.

MSDS Carpentry fully supports and advises sustainable projects. If a client comes to us with an idea, we’ll provide the best course of action to fit their plan. Carpentry is only one aspect of an eco-friendly home, and our seamlessly ties in with the client’s other systems and operations.

The materials we use are sustainably sourced or recycled.

In years past, these types of materials have been either too expensive or inferior in quality. There is now a balance between product quality, price, and sustainability. Choosing MSDS Carpentry also helps minimize waste during the construction process.

Investing in an eco-friendly carpenter is not only an investment in quality, but also helps:

  • minimise environmental impact
  • maximise year-round comfort
  • reduce running costs
  • is adaptable to your changing needs

Sustainable living is fast-becoming imperative to ensure our planet’s health for future generations. All construction has some level of footprint to the environment. Due to the large scope of the process, this footprint quickly adds up. It’s now in our hands to reduce this as much as possible, wherever possible.

Creating an eco-friendly home can help you live comfortably today while creating a more sustainable future.

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