Kitchen Renovations – Modernising Your Space

Home styles and interior design trends are ever-changing. It’s hard enough to stay on top of what’s trending from season to season, let alone year on year.

Most rooms in a home can be updated fairly easily, for example, the furniture in a living room, or bedding and pillows in a bedroom. Kitchens, however are a trickier assignment due to the effort involved and permanent nature of the work. Kitchen’s usually involve renovations or complete overhauls to update them entirely.

There are some key design aspects to consider to effectively breathe life back into a dated kitchen or to create the perfect new kitchen space.

The Modern Aussie Kitchen Layout

Kitchens come in all shapes, sizes, quirks and details. The great thing (and challenging thing) about kitchen renovations are the endless amount of options at your fingertips. A large portion of the planning phase will focus on the layout of your kitchen, before you even get to the finer details like which oven or fridge to go with, which flooring to lay, and what the colour palette will be.

So, how do you decide where things should go in your new or updated kitchen?

Firstly, it’s important to remember that your new kitchen doesn’t have to be where the existing kitchen is or was. Walls can be removed, plumbing can be changed, and a kitchen can be customised to meet your living needs.

Obviously, a big part of designing your kitchen is your own tastes and inclinations. Another factor is what others are doing, and what you’ve seen the professionals doing in contemporary media (think “The Block” or “House Rules”).

Kitchen Renovations

Modern kitchens are fast becoming intertwined with other living spaces. Recent trends dictate that open plan living is desirable and suits the Australian family lifestyle. Kitchens are now rarely seen as an independent room in new home builds and are incorporated into a larger space, often including the dining and living areas.

To break up the space, you may consider incorporating a free-standing island benchtop, which also adds extra storage and bench space, and can double as a breakfast counter.

Alternatively, if you are happy with the current layout and are looking for a cost-effective upgrade, there are many things you can do to update your dated kitchen.

  • Install custom cabinetry, or
  • Paint existing cabinetry
  • Replace benchtop*
  • Update plumbing – make your taps a feature
  • Flooring and tiling

MSDS Carpentry

*MSDS Carpentry specialise in custom timber benchtops, made sustainably with recycled materials. Check out our Instagram for pics of MSDS hard at work.

There aren’t many of the above features that are still in style from decades past. It’s amazing how changing one or two of these features can completely alter the look and feel of a kitchen area.

It’s important to maintain a design consistency throughout your home. Getting expert carpentry advice is key in determining what is possible, and how to make your ideal kitchen a reality.


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