Planning Your Renovation Dream

Renovating your own home is one of the most satisfying things you can do. Not only do you get to witness the drastic changes your home takes from before to after, you effectively improve the liveability and value of your home.

While the end result may be the most enjoyable part of renovating, getting to that point takes some time and hard work.

Many Australian homeowners become overwhelmed before the construction work even begins, not knowing exactly how to kick off the renovation process. They may have a vision or design direction they want each element to take, but don’t have a master plan in place.

This leads us to the first tip of home renovations. Having a sound plan in place. Lay out all your ideas, processes, constraints, personnel required etc. This not only helps you roughly gauge the commitment you may need financially, it helps gather a more detailed understanding of what you wish to achieve. It’s amazing how often ideas change when expanded from your mind onto paper. This could be anything from measurements proving one idea being impossible, to completely rearranging the layout of the kitchen to suit your vision, to identifying the perfect colour palette.

Our next tip before donning the tool belt? Research. Even if you’re not an expert, doing your due diligence before a renovation project, no matter what size, can save a lot of headaches in the future. While you obviously need to consider your lifestyle needs, you must also look into bureaucratic requirements for your area and meet the building regulations.

The research phase also includes roughly identifying costs of the project against your baseline budget. Cost of construction, design, and other professional advice all fall into your budget.

Extending from research is finding your professionals. Your architect or building designer, carpenter and potentially an interior designer will prove to be important partnerships in realising your reno goals.

Aligning yourself with professionals will result in a higher quality renovation as well as streamline the entire process. These experts help to envision the project with visual concepts, while providing guidance on home layout, regulations and design based on their experience.

The next step? Commit! Dive right into the renovation and enjoy it. Align your visions to get the job done affordably and efficiently. If the planning process was successful, the construction process will be made much easier.

There can be issues that arise during the works, so attacking any renovation with an open mind and flexibility is beneficial for all involved.

Renovating can seem stressful and daunting. But with everyone working towards making your dream home a reality, what seemed a distant goal will soon be in sight!

Good luck.

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